Our Philosophy & Goals

You won’t know what you’ll miss until you decide to leave home

For generations we have been roaming the world to experience exiting and new cultures. At the same time we carry over our own traditions and memories from where we grew up or spent a significant time of our life. This connection is what we want to foster and embrace with our culturally predicated products and services.


Trust in yourself – we want to foster your strength to discover the unknown.


Feel the joy of wandering – and from time to time some of the good stuff from where you grew up.


Feel save while travelling – all of our products and services provide the quality you’re used to.


Stay connected – we will bring you the little things that remind you of home.


Enjoy leaving – because you can be sure we will bring home to wherever you are.

“Home is not only a place, but it´s also a feeling
that we will spark for you”

Our Boxes

A small box filled with happiness sometimes helps more than 1.000 words.




Finally arrived – our brand new Homesickbox for baby’s and their parents! An exciting and thrilling time finds its start with the beginning or expansion of a family. For you and your baby this box always is the right choice – enjoy selected German products of unique quality and only the best for your baby – even far away from home! Besides beauty products, you will find high-quality toys and treats for your new family member.

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Back to the 80´s and 90´s – back to Nintendo, Bravo and Haribo cherries! Immerse yourself back into precious memories of your childhood or simply show your kids how we used to have fun ? Especially within a culture that is different in so many things from where you grew up, our RetroBox allows you for a short time to become partly child again – the perfect present for a birthday or against homesickness!

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Christmas is coming and to enjoy the festive time even while hanging out overseas, HomsickBox now also comes as a Christmas edition – honoring several requests, this time we offer separate versions for Ladies and Gentlemen!

*The ChristmasBox is only available on request.

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Today individual configurations are not yet available for single boxes – however, for any order exceeding 10 pieces, you already can choose from our wide range of items to create your own individual HomesickBox!

*The HomeSickBox is only available on request.

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Consulting services

With jointly more than 15 years of China-experience, we are happy to share our wide range of knowledge with you.

Core success criteria for all companies taking the step from their home market to China are vital mutual communication, a well-performing local team and a set of trusted clients and partners. To show your appreciation especially to the latter ones, we provide the following best practice based consulting services:

  • Creation of a high performing team which is not only loyal to you until the next bigger raise comes along

  • Set-up of a non-monetary appreciation approach to e.g. avoid abortion of expensive delegations

  • Design of the perfect corporate cultural presents for your team/clients or partners to build, strengthen and most importantly sustain your connection!

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Meet Andre & Verena

Your HomesickBox team

Verena Weinzierl

Founder & CEO

As an expat in China, I know about the daily hardships and particular wishes for homelike food or beauty supplies which I´m used to. I love to travel and the amazing experiences coming with it – but sometimes there’s still this little feeling of homesickness sneaking in…
We founded “HomesickBox” to help other expats and of course their families to prevent homesickness with a little piece of home and to cheer them up during their time abroad. We hope our idea will also bring joy to your house, create some nostalgic moments to share and to even foster a ‘from expats for expats’ community and spirit. We are deeply grateful for all the support we already received and looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you!

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Andre Hemmerle


During numerous stay abroad and after four years of living in China so far, I often experienced the first euphoria and the tearful times of friends, other expats and customers. To easen those unpleasant moments and to virtually create an absolute term while on adventure, we decided to originate “HomesickBox” – a piece of home for everybody living abroad while one’s crib still is Germany.
Loads of fun with our products and please stay in touch and share the experience with your box – we grow with your feedback!

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“You’re never too old for some delicious candy, especially when that candy comes from home!”

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